Fire in the Village

Propane Change Notice:

Our village has moved to the 3 o’clock portal, and as a result, we’ve decided to change our propane system. The previous system required extensive piping and trenching, which made it difficult to ensure a clear line of sight between the vaporizer and the intended art. Therefore, we’ve made some adjustments to the system.

image courtesy of Caroline “Mills” Miller
image courtesy of Caroline “Mills” Miller

Tank Filling Changes:

We can only fill tanks larger than 100 lbs at Burning Man

General Updates:

Make sure your propane tanks are certified and not bulging, rusty, or significantly dented. Secure your tanks with a T-stake or something solid, and ensure that hoses are not a trip hazard. Check in with Clarkus for placement and plan for a FAST team inspection on Sunday early afternoon. Have someone present with your art at all times when it’s burning.

Mid-Week Poofer Party:

Join us for poofer parties on Tuesday and Friday, starting at dark thirty until late. Bring your art, hang out, and light up the playa!

image courtesy of Caroline “Mills” Miller

We are all about ART!