About Illumination Village

The Illumination Village is an eclectic gathering of camps, held together by history and shared resources. We don’t require expensive dues from our campers to create a joint vision. Instead, each camp is responsible for their own art and interactivity, and each is self funded. We have our own process of placement within the village, much like a microcosm of the Burningman festival, showcasing our most talented featured artists in the front, and then placing others of noteworthy interest around our edges on the side and A streets, and within the village in our Town Square and internal roads. Each year it’s a new experiment in radical collaboration to create the cohesive feel for the village, across our many diverse camps. We love the multifaceted variety of environments which result from this approach, and believe that it makes the Illumination Village a unique and delightful place to visit.
Illumination Village 2017 members via the Pinhole Project

The Village is made up of multiple theme camps, each with their own unique presence. Our communal areas are welcoming and relaxed during the daytime, and light up at night with the multitude of illuminated art projects created by our campers. Unique and eclectic desert living, we know how to do it right with our cardboard box homes, rocket powered couch swing, and beds with a view.

We are all about ART!