Power Grid

Read this if you want your Camp or Art Installation to have power!

Grid is changing for 2018, so read all of this, even if you’re an experienced camper. If you have an RV, please note the new 2018 RV expectations below!
We intend to have uninterrupted electricity for everyone in Illumination Village, 24 hours a day, but power is never “guaranteed.” Our grid supplies a huge space, the generator is pushed hard in the heat, so please be understanding. Your Grid Wizards are all volunteering, dues payin’ mofos, offer them a sandwich in the shade.
image courtesy of Caroline “Mills” Miller
In order to minimize fluctuations and solve the problems that can arise, we require all participants to follow the rules to be on our grid.
•    Your campers must provide their own outdoor-grade extension cord(s), rated for more amperage than it is to draw. We suggest 10 gauge, 100′ outdoor cord(s). A cell phone can charge on smaller cords, but power sucking items cannot (AC’s, fridges.)
•    Your extension cords or adapters MUST be labeled with
1.    Your name
2.    Your camp’s name
3.    Amperage draw for the line
•    Older AC systems must be replaced with newer units of 15 amps or less.
•    AC systems must be set to “high,” or completely off. This minimizes the impact of the starting loads they cause on the system; steady power draw is better than fluctuation.
•    No daisy-chained power-strips or daisy-chained extension cords. Chaining them together can cause a short, or even a fire. Please plug large appliances into the above 10 gauge, triple tap cords–smaller items into a power strip or small extension cords.
•     Charge batteries and other devices at night time when possible.
•     Do not use high wattage appliances during the day. This includes microwaves, electric water kettles, hot plates,  rice cookers, crock-pots, samovars, hair dryers, curling irons, or other electronic heating elements. Ideally, cook with propane
•    No life sustaining or emergency equipment is allowed on our grid. No exceptions.
•    Your camp must have a “Grid Tribute:” a knowledgeable and responsible party for your camp’s power management. Go to them first with questions. Then to your neighbor’s camp or anyone around. If you can’t solve a problem that way, radio from Bob’s Bar for a Grid Wizard
For further details, please read this whole document on power.
RV expectations for 2018
RV’s are lovely for their owners, and hard on our grid. We need the help of RV’s to keep our grid stable during the ‘peak hours’ of the day (11am-6pm), to prevent black outs for the entire village!RV Self-Reliance Policy:
-If you have an RV, be prepared to unhook from the grid during peak hours and operate your own generator.
-Prepare to fuel your generator yourself. Bring a fuel can, have extra fuel in it, and store it properly (in a tupper, with a lid that is attached but cracked open to ventilate.)
-If needed, we can organize a village fuel mission with your gas cans, go to HELL Station, and refuel using the village’s prearranged fuel account.
-You will need to pay the village in cash for fuel purchased at HELL Station— we cannot cover your fuel costs. Label and promptly reclaim your fuel can, and be very nice to whomever loaned their vehicle for this mission.
-Minimize other RV draw on the grid (water pumps, battery chargers, etc, should be turned off if not in use.)
-If the grid is overtaxed and we need to black out, invite your campmates in to snuggle in the cool air— make it fun, request cocktails or pedicures!!