Fire in the Village

There has been a slight change in our propane plan for this year. Due to the extended nature of our village now being at the 3 o’clock portal, we have deemed that it is too much piping, trenching, untrenching, and completely restricted line of sight between the vaporizer and the intended art. So no vaporizer this year folks, sorry about that. …It would have been cool, but it is just not in the cards with our new configuration.

image courtesy of Caroline “Mills” Miller

What does this mean for you?

If you are bringing fire art and were planning on being on the vaporizer feed then please continue as you have always done and BRING PROPANE TANKS!

Tank rental information from Propaniac – get your tanks here:

image courtesy of Caroline “Mills” Miller

on that note…


We will be unable to fill anything smaller than 25 gallon / 100 lb tanks at the village this year. If you need smaller tanks filled then that needs to happen at Hell Station. Please email and if you need to fill tanks smaller than 25 gallon / 100 lb. We might be able to help – but we will need to know how many times you will need filling for your art during the week and what size of tank.

General updates from your friendly Village Arson and Stupidity Team that it would be good for you to be familiar with for your ART and your ARSE on playa.


Make sure your Propane tanks are in certification. that’s 12 years from the date stamped on the tank, or 5 years if it’s a sticker. (in MM-YY format). Also please make sure to not be bringing bulging, rusty, or significantly dented tanks. We don’t want for you to lug up a useless item, and dangerous/outdated tanks will not be filled.


Once you get there, Use a T-stake or something else solid to anchor your tank(s) so they can’t tip over while in use. Tanks must be non-tippy, and all hoses must be either buried, roped off, or made not a trip hazard. (Hopefully just make a safety perimeter between your tanks and the art). You should also be supplying your own fire safety, which is to be an extinguisher and either a bucket of water or wet towel for small things (people).


Once you show up, check in with Clarkus about placement.


We would love to have everything up and running to be inspected by the FAST team on SUNDAY EARLY AFTERNOON. Please plan accordingly.


Please ensure there is someone (competent and in the know of what to do if an issue occurs) is present with your art ALL the time when it is burning.


This year, in addition to the big monday (post burn) propane potluck, we’re doing a few poofer parties, Tuesday and Friday, dark thirty until late. We’d really like it if you’d show and run your art if you’ve got it setup, Come hang out, let’s invite people in, and otherwise illuminate the playa.

image courtesy of Caroline “Mills” Miller

– brought to you by VAST – the Village Arson and Stupidity Team.